Expedition day camp 2019

Expedition Day Camp is a FREE interactive experience for children exiting grades K-5 (5 - 11 years old). In these one-day camps, children will discover the fascinating things in the world around them and the role that God plays in it! At the end of each Day Camp, we will host a family BBQ and allow the kids to share their experiences with family and friends.

All of our Expeditions will be held right here at First CRC, and each will focus on four different educational stations. 

Check-in will begin at 12:45 PM and we'll begin exploring at 1:00 PM. 

Expedition Day Camp "Spring to Life"

April 13, 2019

Weather - What about clouds and tornado's?

Astronomy - The moon does what?

Insects - You mean those bugs do that?

Gardening - Can you dig it?

We're sorry, but we've already explored Spring to Life. 

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Expedition Day Camp "Extraordinary Construction"

June 29, 2019

Towers - How tall can you build it?

Pyramids - How much wind can it withstand?

Boats - What floats your boat?

Planes - Can it go the distance?

Expedition Day Camp "Make a Splash"  

July 20, 2019

Water in Motion - How far will your water travel?

Water on a Mission - Can you stop the flow?

Water for Life - How clean will your water be?

Water for Energy - How much pressure can you gather?

Expedition Day Camp "Inventors Workshop"

August 10, 2019

Bending it - How many ways can you bend it?

Light and Heat - Can you bake with Solar Energy?

Harness the Energy - Build your own flashlight

Light in the Dark - Glow for it!