High schoolers gathering together for fellowship and devotion and fun!

When? Sundays at 6:00pm from September to May! 

2018-2019 September Events:

September 1-3 Beach Retreat in Morro Bay, CA 

September 9 Dinner and Bible Study at 6pm

September 16 Outing TBD

September 22 Walk for Life Service Project 7-11am

September 30 Dinner and Bible Study at 6pm

For more information, contact Lael Dunn: 559-904-5149

2018-2019 Theme

His Story is My Story will explore how the Bible is more than a sacred text, but is also TRUE history, but God's great love story is one that includes us too. We will study those all-too-familiar Old Testament characters to see what we can learn from their stories about them, God, and us! 
Midweek Bible Study groups are forming now! Join one today to study more about who Jesus was, what he taught, how his life changed HISTORY, and how his death can change you FOREVER!