infant & toddler NURSERY

Nursery is provided during our Sunday AM service. Beyond taking care of children, we seek to minister to your little ones through music, play, and tender care. Nursery is provided for children ages 0-2.

Our nursery is equipped with an electronic paging system so you can rest easy knowing if your child is in need of mom or dad, we can page you right away.

Here is our tutorial video for Planning Center Check-In. It explains the simple and easy way for families to check their children into Infant or Toddler nursery using our iPads.

Have questions? Contact the church office at 559-582-4423


We offer Children's Worship for children ages 3 years thru 2nd grade during the Sunday morning Worship service. We sincerely believe that as a community of faith we are called to worship together.  Thus, even as these children go to their more age-appropriate worship time, we are still united in spirit. 

Children sit with their parents during the early portion of the AM worship service and then will be called forward to receive a blessing from the congregation before exiting to Children's Worship. 

If you are new and would prefer to accompany your child to their classroom, please feel free to do so.  


GEMS stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior. Every Wednesday evening from about 6:30-8:00pm from September to May, girls in grades 3 to 6 gather together to learn about God and discover who God created them to be. 


CADETS is a ministry for boys in 3rd to 6th grade who gather together on Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:00pm from September to May). Cadets are equipped to grow in faith and community while learning new skills from camping, to derby car building, to building rockets!


The Middle School Ministry (MSM) is a fun-filled program designed for students in grades 7- 8. Our aim is to create an enthusiastic atmosphere in which students can deepen friendships, grow in relationship with God and discover that the church is a place for them to belong ! Evenings will include games, food, socialization, interactive lessons and small group discussion. Runs Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm from September to May.

EXpedition day camp

Throughout the year, First CRC will host a series of Expedition Day Camps.  Expedition Day Camp is a FREE interactive STEM based experience for children exiting grades K-5. Each of these one-day camps, will give children the opportunity to discover the fascinating things in the world around them and the role that God plays in it! At the end of each Day Camp, we will host a family BBQ and allow the kids to share their experiences with family and friends.