let's break the ice, Get social and have some fun!

We encourage each Life Group to plan at least one social event per session as a way for everyone to connect in a whole new way. We are always looking for fun things to do with our Life Groups and if you like, you can include children too!

Here are just a few ideas that we've come up with:

  • Tell us Something "colorful" about yourself

    If you don't already know one another, consider using this Ice Breaker activity:

    Ask each member to tell something about themselves using a color guide for topics

  • Roll the ball - Q & A

    Don't like chocolate (ummm.... not likely)? Try this Ice Breaker activity instead:

    Ask each member to answer the questions using your Q&A ball (any type of ball will do).

  • Conversation Jenga

    Here is an Ice Breaker activity that will really get your group talking!

    Print and glue or hand write a series of questions on Jenga Blocks and get ready to see who has the steadiest hands while being put in the hot seat to answer silly questions about themselves! Have fun, but don't knock the tower down!

    For Question ideas visit: https://icebreakerideas.com/icebreaker-questions-biggest-list-ever/

  • Get outdoors

    • Go out for a Picnic
    • Host a BBQ
    • Go Bowling
    • If you're Sporty, play a game: Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Kickball, Volleyball, etc.
    • Visit a local arcade that also offers miniature golf, laser tag, bumper cars, auto racing etc.
    • If you're really outdoorsy, go hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping etc.

  • stay in

    • Play a few of your favorite board games
    • Host a Progressive Dinner
    • Exchange your favorite something: cookie, ornament or gift
    • Get funky with a themed night: Ugly Sweater, Sports Jersey, etc.
    • Have a cook-off or bake-off
    • Enjoy a Build your own bar: Pizza, Burgers. Tacos, Potato, Salad or Ice Cream
    • Hold a cookie or cake decorating contest
    • Host a Holiday Appetizer or Dessert Party: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter Etc.
    • Watch a favorite movie with fresh popped corn
  • once in a while it's ok to let someone else do the work

    • Go out to Dinner: Find a new eatery and order "family style"
    • Go out for Dessert: Ice Cream, Yogurt, Pie, etc.
    • See a Sporting event, Concert, Movie, Play, Comedian, etc.
    • Visit your local Farmers Market